Keep Your Bales Secure

Use bale net wrap in Wichita, KS or Shelby, MT

Transporting hay bales is enough of a headache without you worrying about them falling apart. Before you start moving bales, secure them with bale net wrap from Crop Packaging Specialists. We provide top-quality farming supplies in Wichita, KS and Shelby, MT, and we'll be glad to help you find products to protect your crops and transport them without issue.

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Ensuring you have the materials you need

Good packaging is indispensable if you want to secure your crops and protect your profit. That's why we carry products like:

  • Bale net wrap to fully secure bales and prevent flyaway strands
  • Baler twine and sisal twine to tie down or mark bales
  • Stretch agricultural film to completely wrap bales
With our farming supplies, you can keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. Reach out to our owner today for more information on our specialized crop packaging.

Secure your bales with a high-quality wrap

Crop Packaging Specialists sells bale net wraps to farmers in Wichita, KS and Shelby, MT. Wraps protect your crop and reduce the risk of detrimental losses. One of our top products is Ameri-Wrap, which offers a quality that can't be matched. Farmers around the world love this product because it:

Offers full-coverage
Has a high-visibility color
Comes with a built-in end-of-roll marker
Is equipped with double UV protection
Comes in various sizes to make wrapping your bales easier

Each roll has a unique identification number for top-notch quality control tracking purposes. Make Ameri-Wrap part of your next farming supplies order.